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2 Powerful Marketing Strategies To Quickly Increase Sales and Multiply Profits

It is easier to increase sales with customers who already know, like and trust you.

There are 2 easy marketing strategies you can take advantage of right now to increase sales that don’t require you to find new customers.

One of the easiest ways to increase profits is to ask a customer who has just purchased something to buy something else. This one simple strategy is known as a bump.

Have you heard of the $1 billion bump that has been used successfully for years?

If you ever go to McDonald’s, their billion-dollar bump was the famous phrase…

“Would you like fries with that?”

Just the mere suggestion which we refer to as a bump of asking them if they want fries, a drink or apple pie – there will be a certain percentage of people that will order the fries or whatever bump that was suggested. 

Research showed that 75% of the time people will say “yes” to the bump when they initially were not even thinking about it.

All you have to do is make a simple suggestion with an appropriate option to what the customer has already decided to buy.

Even with just a mere suggestion of a bump, a certain percentage of people are going to buy.

The bump and upsell are the 2 powerful marketing strategies to build profits instantly. There are no marketing expenses associated with the additional sale nor do you have to chase new clients.

If you sell something on a website, why don’t you offer a bump to every buyer right before the final order confirmation screen?

When making a bump, you need to explain the benefits they’ll enjoy from the product they just bought if they also have “another product” to go with it.

You can offer your product bump at a reduced price because everyone loves a deal!

Some Product Ideas For Bumps

1. By offering information products as a bump would be the easiest to create and carry high perceived value.

2. Audio or video training series that support the initial purchase will be simple bumps you can add.

On the other hand, an upsell is similar to a bump but it’s slightly a bigger step. You’re going to sell customers on a bigger or better item instead of what they were going to initially purchase.

In addition to promoting more expensive products to your customers, upselling usually involves promoting more profitable services, product bundles or package deals.

For instance, if it seems that a customer is going to buy an entry-level mobile phone, you can upsell to them by promoting an upgrade to a mid-range or premium mobile phone.

Another strategy could be with a joint venture partner, where you could create a bundled package deal where your product would be included in the sale.

With an upsell, you get customers to increase the size of their order.

The bump or upsell means more profits to you and lots of happy and even repeat business once you implement the right systems.

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