A Single Mother’s Determination Not Only Saved Her Business, but Also Saved Her Family’S FINANCIAL FUTURE

Jane thought she had it all when she finally had her own Esthetician business. With 15 years of experience under her belt and 500+ customer base, she thought she was on her way to be a powerful, strong independent businesswoman. She is a single mother and wanted to believe that owning her own esthetician business would allow her kids to live more comfortably.

Fast forward and Jane thought she just might lose it all.  Eventually, she was unable to create enough weekly appointments. She refused to give up her dream, and she refused to believe that not providing enough for her kids would be a reality. Damaging her credit score will also be terrible for her personal financial life and for her business.

Jane thought, “I refuse to be knocked down and I deserve to achieve this venture. My kids deserve the best that I can do for them to. What can I do?”

Does this anxious, trapped feeling sound familiar to you?

Well, one day when she was having lunch with her friend. Jane unloaded her fear of losing her business after working so hard to create it. Her friend told her about a service called Growth Advisor on Demand and how they helped her when she was having trouble generating cash flow.

After hearing about them, she went on their website, read what they were about and decided to shoot her shot and an appointment was booked!

During the meeting, her strategic advisor showed Jane how and why her nearby competition was negatively affecting her bookings and the necessary steps needed to fix the problem. She even addressed Jane’s average sales conversion of new leads being only 15 percent leading to average bookings of only 30 per week.  Moreover, her average sales transaction value was 25 dollars.

What were the solutions presented, well…?

To help her increase her sales conversion rate, and new client bookings we focused on creating an attention-grabbing email campaign with the customers she already had on file. We helped her leverage business relationships in her community and created a loyalty program to increase her bookings from the leads that came from those community business relationships.

How did these few simple actions help Jane?

  1. Lead Generation

The email campaign generated 63 new client bookings which required Jane to hire another person to help meet the demand! With continued implementation of the specific campaign, it increased her weekly bookings by 23%.

  1. Profit Increase

Creating deals with local business partners helped her gain an added $400 in profits from commissions each week, as well as increase her business sales transaction value by 15%.

After experiencing the excellent results, Jane shared, “Working with Growth Advisors on Demand helped me to see that I can be successful and achieve my dreams with some strategic efforts!”

The strategies and tactics shared here are just SOME of the approaches you can use to generate more leads, sales and accelerate your business growth.But EVERY business has its unique situation, a combination of opportunities and staff abilities, what strategic approach is right for one business may not be right for another.

It’s important to know WHICH strategies will have the biggest impact on YOUR business and how to properly implement them in the RIGHT ORDER to maximize your results. And then ONLY focus on those strategies.

Explore some of YOUR growth opportunities to supercharge your growth and build the business of your dreams with FREE access to our Profit Growth Matrix below.


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Step 3 – Last number you have to input is what % would you like your company to grow which is “Your Target Growth Rate”

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