How A Computer Software Company Went From Struggling To Overnight Success Simply By Improving Sales Conversions

With all the freeware, YouTube videos, and torrent sites that have flooded the market in the past decade, paid software can be a hard sell. 

One of our audio software clients was struggling to compete with the free options out there. Potential customers frequently expressed interest in the product but were hesitant to buy due to their familiarity using the software they already had.

Our client’s assigned Growth Advisor found that the value simply was not being marketed well. The audio software was elite as a niche product specifically for podcasters and had many features not currently offered on the market, but podcasters were settling for a cheaper option because the perceived value was not enough to justify the price point.

After analyzing some past marketing metrics, we realized that the company’s conversion rate was exceptionally low at 2%. We suggested highlighting the value of purchase visually via the use of different graphics, such as making a comparison chart, a graph showing the lifetime value of the product, etc. This allowed the customers to easily see them as the obvious choice without having to expend the mental energy required for their own evaluation

We also helped develop a content marketing strategy and suggested our client build their own tribe that educated people about podcasting to help increase brand awareness. Some unique features that were highlighted were cloud-based software that allowed for collaborative revisions, a unique track splitting system and direct upload. Aside from demonstrating value and benefits, these techniques also built trust with the consumer.

Even with increased knowledge of the product, people are still naturally hesitant to try a service that is new or unfamiliar, even if they realize the benefits. To overcome this, our client increased their intangible benefits that overcame some customer objections.

We recommended to offer free upgrades via the cloud so their product was never obsolete, free expert classes and support, and a no-questions-asked refund policy within 3 months.

Our client’s conversion rate shot up to 32%! Customers felt confident and comfortable knowing they paid for a service they consistently benefited from.

These are just a couple of the changes that our client made working with a Growth Advisor to increase sales by 22% from the previous year.  

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