How to Easily Implement Continuity Programs To Generate Sales Consistently​

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How to Easily Implement Continuity Programs To Generate Sales Consistently

One of the quickest ways to generate sales consistently is to get your customers to buy from you on an ongoing basis.

Continuity programs allow customers to subscribe to receive information or services on an ongoing basis for a monthly payment or a series of payments.

Your goal as a business owner is to transform your customer’s buying decision from a one-time event into making a series of purchases on an ongoing basis.

Continuity programs allow your company to build a stream of ongoing subscription revenue into your business.

There are 4 Types of Continuity Income:

1. Retainer

Members pay a monthly fee to essentially have guaranteed access to your company when additional support or resources.

You are essentially receiving money from your members for the hours/agreed upon services you provide to them.

It’s designed where you are paid in advance before those services are provided and it’s ongoing (every month) until the retainer agreement is canceled.

2. Micro

The idea is that you “chunk” up your content and deliver it to your members in a piecemeal fashion where you control the timing of delivery to ensure your members get the best results. If they do, they will recognize the value in your program and continue as a member.

This can be a Bootcamp training where the number of days can be as short as a 3-day program to a 12-month program – but the concept remains the same where you set it and forget it.

3. Association

You get to leverage the power of others and at the same time, it positions you as the leader and subject matter expert as the creator or founder of an association.

People join an association so they can feel a part of something – something bigger than themselves. It provides a sense of belonging and you can use simple tools such as an online forum or private Facebook group to easily and efficiently provide that connection to the members.

4. Exclusive Club

This is all about access. People pay a high premium to join and essentially have access to the members, facilities and events that nobody else can. A country club is a perfect example. 

Here are 4 reasons why you need to take advantage of implementing a continuity program in your business:

1. You no longer focus on a one-time sales model.

2. It requires you to change your business model to include recurring and passive revenue – meaning it’s happening consistently and automatically and with very little effort on your part to make the sale.

3. Easily create multiple revenue streams can be consistent in the form of weekly, monthly or even annual subscriptions.

4. Continuity programs allow you to be more profitable by allowing you to sell more to an existing client repeatedly than find and sell new customers for one-time sales.

No matter the type of continuity program you choose for your business, continuity programs help you grow your business.

You expand your customer value and keep customers connected to you for longer periods which ultimately increases your sales and profits.

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