DENTIST SUCCESS STORY – How To Easily Get Your Patients To Systematically Book More Appointments, Stay Loyal and Refer New Clients Each Month

The two most commonly reported challenges dentists face are effective communication and building trust with their patients. Luckily, there are some simple ways you can address these barriers that will make you not want to pull your own teeth!

Dan, a long-time practitioner, was extremely frustrated with having to chase down his patients for regular maintenance appointments and manage those who only came in when they required surgery. He wanted to administer quality dental care on a consistent basis to people that understood the importance of taking care of their teeth, as much as any other part of their body, but found that his patients simply did not follow-through on most follow up appointments.

When this started to negatively impact his private practice, he was recommended to seek help from Growth Advisors On Demand to find more strategic ways to effectively communicate with this patients and boost loyalty. He started his practice for the potential of more growth and profitability but was extremely disappointed with the outcome he was experiencing, which seemed out of his control.

Dan’s Growth Advisor identified that the root of the problem was follow-up visits. Most of the patients in his practice on average visited him every 1.5 years. 

We suggested Dan develop a simple but detailed customer relationship management (CRM) database to keep track of all appointments scheduled, missed, attended by each of his patients, and have a system in place to automate his interactions with them.

For example, we set up an annual reminder around their birthday for each of his patients to come in for a cleaning to receive a special gift. Providing an incentive around special events will help patients feel cared about and facilitate the expectation of regular communication. Dan set up these reminders 2 times a year for all of his patients.

Of course, no one particularly likes going to the dentist, but Dan was advised to make it as fun as possible. We started a contest for patients to win an electric toothbrush at the end of the year upon each visit and/or referring their network to win an electric toothbrush. This created some excitement around a typically drab – if not dreadful – event in order to break down the fear and opposition of a visit.

Dan made sure his incentives emphasized dental care and provided an opportunity for education and counseling. This also created buzz around his practice, which led to a 20% increase in his visits.


Within 12 months of implementing these new strategies, Dan saw an average of 65% of his patients every 6 months, compared to 1.5 years. He received feedback that the birthday reminders helped them regulate their appointments. Dan found it easier to exchange pleasantries and build relationships when he saw his patients more often and were privy to the small details of their lives. He also acquired 10+ new patients from referrals each month!

Dan was always a great dentist with an amazing team, but now after working with one of our Growth Advisors, he is a successful one too. 

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