How Fitness Studios Can Easily Attract More Customers and Boost Loyalty Of Existing Members

A common problem with the health and fitness industry, especially smaller clubs, is a lack of customer loyalty. It’s a common occurrence that you are the shiny new building for a few months… then BAM! A new, shiner gym or studio opens up down the block with fresh, new equipment and you are left with a few guest members who show up with the changes of season.

Why does this happen? Well, let’s face it. People can work out anywhere. The determining factors are usually location, price, and equipment/services offered. And a new trend that is really scary: people are finding out they can even work out at home! Many gyms have no response to these disruptions.

For example, Nancy has owned a women’s only fitness studio with multiple locations in her city for the past 12 years. She originally got lots of business because she offered specialty classes that weren’t offered by other studios. With the recent rise in popularity, she became excited that she would receive lots of new business, but the opposite happened: people were leaving her studio to go to the large group classes offered by the big corporate gyms.

Nancy reached out to a Growth Advisor to diagnose her decreasing market share. One of the key problems they uncovered was inconsistency in her services. When the bigger companies started offering her services with more resources, Nancy was unprepared to make necessary improvements to her business plan.

Nancy’s Growth Advisor highlighted some key marketing strategies that helped get people back in her fitness studios. We presented a simple assessment tool to calculate the lifetime value of her customers, which highlighted the amount of resources it would take to secure a high-quality member for life.

In order to test this, Nancy ran a promotion to non-committal patrons offering a three-month membership at a severely discounted rate in order to assess customer value. The key to this strategy is to bring in a large volume of new, excited customers that could help her assess what services were most worth her effort. These customers were able to give her valuable feedback on what they needed in a studio.

After Nancy distributed this offer to multiple channels online and offline in her local neighborhoods and set up key strategic alliance partners, she saw a 33% increase in sales. Nancy also secured 18 new sign-ups for her top-tier membership, a 50% increase from the previous year. She was able to sustain a consistent membership model because she knew the value of fronting initial costs to ‘buy’ high-quality, loyal customers as well as included personalized touchpoints that are unique to each loyal member

Due to her amazing results, she continues to work with her Growth Advisor to develop a loyalty program that will encourage a consistent, committed customer base month after month and continue to generate unprecedented profits for her fitness studios.

If you own a health or fitness studio and are struggling to innovate your services and keep your customers loyal, try one of these suggestions. Working with a Growth Advisor can help you strategize and implement a customized plan to help 10X your business.

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