Founders' message

A Personal Message from the Founders of Growth Advisor On Demand

Dear Business Owner,

Are you looking for more ways to increase sales and gain a competitive edge without spending more on advertising?

Don’t worry – you are not alone.

Too many microenterprises today offer great products and services but have a difficult time effectively communicating their great value to their prospects and customers in a compelling way.  

We help companies address these challenges as I look at marketing differently.

In fact, we have redefined it to focus on – having something good to say, saying it well and saying it often – in an easy to follow system that anyone can implement.

We’re passionate about helping companies find their unique competitive advantage, establish and communicate their brand and effectively persuade the marketplace in general and consumers in particular to pay attention.

We believe you already have hidden marketing assets available to grow your business – 25% to 100% or more – that can be leveraged and optimized to help you make more money without spending any more money on traditional advertising.

Would that be of interest to you?

If it is, then explore our site for valuable resources and customized solutions that will help your company grow and capitalize on the untapped profits hidden within your company.

To your success,

Stephen and Lindsay Gill

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