Secure Business Funding® Program

Have You Been Refused Business Funding or Want To Maximize The Amount of Funding You Are Able To Receive?

How We Help

We act as a revenue optimization firm that finds opportunities and inefficiencies that can be capitalized on to help increase sales and cash flow or reduce debt that enables our clients to secure funding.

Through our program, we help companies not only secure funding now but also reduce funding debt and strengthen their future eligibility for various forms of financial stimulus necessary to grow their enterprise.

Business Funding Options We Help Secure

Often business funding or financial stimulus necessary for a company to grow can be out of reach for one reason or another such as credit score, insufficient cash flow or heavy debts, etc. We identify strategic opportunities that can maximize the return of resources to produce additional sales and cash flow by implementing a “stacking methodology” that drives growth for our clients. Through improvement of our client’s financial position, it allows them to more easily secure funding initiatives that were untenable to them before.

Fixed Term Loans

Grow and invest in your business with a short-term infusion of capital to fund specific projects and purchases to drive your business forward.



Lines of Credit

Keep your business running smoothly with reliable, revolving access to working capital to help you manage your ongoing business needs.



Flex Funds

Aligned to work with your cash flow. Payback faster when sales are strong and benefit from smaller payments when they’re not.



Our Process

Our team of Growth Advisors works intimately with business owners to first understand their financing needs, identify underutilized opportunities, and maximize their cash flow and profitability position.

The first step is an intake assessment to assess what and where your opportunities are, then we create a customized plan and optimize your opportunities to better position your company to generate enough sales and profits to easily secure – on an ongoing basis – as much funding as your company needs.


We put in the time to get to know your company and lay the foundation for a successful relationship. You will fill out a quick questionnaire to get to know your company better and our discovery sessions offer ample time to dive into truly understanding your challenges and some options on how we can help.


Our Growth Advisors will collaboratively examine all the responses from the questionnaire to ensure that fit and viability are evaluated beforehand. Our goal is to help your company with the right issues first, so we can achieve maximum impact as efficiently and effectively as possible.


To start we work on a pay-after-results basis to demonstrate our capabilities with no risk to you; we deliver, or you pay us nothing. After our comprehensive analysis, we help implement growth tactics customized for your business that produce fast results to improve your sales and cash flow so you can qualify for financing.

Are We A Good Fit For Your Business?

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Who This Program Is Best Suited For:

  1. Your revenue is over $20,000 per month and recently have been declined business funding or would like to secure business funding but concerned you may be refused.
  2. You currently run or manage any profit-motivated business or professional practice and feel that you’re not living up to your full business potential.
  3. You’re starting to lose your edge and need a fresh new approach to give your business a distinct advantage over the competition.
  4. You want to have more joy, far more control, more financial and personal fulfillment out of your business activities but don’t quite know how to do it on your own.
  5. You want the enormous effort, investment, and commitment you’ve made and are continuously making in the business to pay off more handsomely.
  6. You recognize that any good ideas properly acted on can be worth a small fortune to you and you’re eager to discover other breakthrough money-making or success-building ideas.
  7. You want your business to be easier, more automatic than it has been lately at generating profits.
  8. You could benefit from uncovering a $50,000 or $500,000 windfall profit within your business.
  9. You’ve become far too wedded to tradition or single-minded in your thinking and know that a broadened, more “funnel vision” (as opposed to tunnel vision) perspective can infuse you and your business with the shot in the arm it needs.
  10. You could benefit greatly if you had a marketing and growth advisor watching over and helping guide your growth for the next full year.
  11. Willing to deposit $2,500 in an escrow account to begin working with us until 3X Lifetime Customer Value (LTV) is attained.

Our Team Of Experts Can Help

We will guide you and walk you through your own best application of exactly what to do, why to do it, when, where, and most importantly how to execute to maximize your profits with minimum risk. Once we break down your best ways to grow it’s virtually impossible to deny the impact these actions will have on your company.

We are obsessed with making you more money, to do anything less would be a blow to OUR ego and not to YOUR pocketbook. If we are not an effective money-making tool for you then we certainly won’t be a painful expense.

We can often accomplish an increase in your profits objectives without increasing your overhead or advertising budget, and best of all, we don’t cost anything, because we get paid out of your increased profits.

Program Details


  • Improve company cash flow position
  • Secure growth capital through business loans of business lines of credit
  • Improve year-over-year growth rate of company profits

Membership Program

  • 1 Full Year Membership after program performance demonstration
  • Interactive Group Follow-up & Implementation Conference Calls
  • Expert advisor
  • Accountability & Implementation Coach – designed to force more discipline into execution, work individually with those who need a bit of a push, and to develop breakthrough strategies.
  • Shared Learning – report and share real success stories/success models to pattern your efforts after — and help correct any problems or misapplications you may be making.

Are You Ready To Get The Financial Support Your Business Needs To Compete And Grow?