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One of the quickest ways to generate sales is to always make your clients feel important. Your past and current clients who have a great experience with your company will always buy from you and refer new business.

It’s not always about gaining market share in your industry but instead, think about gaining customer share.

This is very, very important. You should always, always, make every one of your clients feel like they are your most important client. It doesn’t matter how big or small the job or how much they pay you but instead put your focus on delivering results and making every client feel like they are #1.

A client who feels important will be a super loyal and a  great client for life.

These clients will do the following:

1. Keep using your over and over again.

2. Never look for a different service provider.

3. Keep referring your company with lots of new clients.

4. Will rarely complain about anything. If clients are thrilled with you, they’ll let the little mistakes pass. Clients who feel important  are much less likely to hold anything against you.

So here are 3 simple things you can do consistently to make any client feel important:

1. Respond to their calls, questions, concerns immediately. Don’t make your clients wait, answer their questions as quickly as possible or at the latest the next day.

2. Always treat your clients with respect.

3. Always help them with their problems/issues, even if its something they should do themselves.

They’ll appreciate it very much and pay you back tenfold.

Please never underestimate to show how much you care and concern you show each client. If you treat every client like your most important client, you’ll have more business than you can handle.

It’s these little obvious gestures you can do for clients to build their trust and loyalty for life.

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