How A Manufacturing Company Quickly Increased Profits In 6 Months By Leveraging The Power Joint Ventures

It’s not an understatement to say technology runs our lives. We as consumers take it so much for granted that we often overlook how we obtain, maintain and sustain the products that we so heavily rely on. Of course, none of these processes are forgotten by electronic manufacturers.

Succeeding in this new economic turn can be challenging and stressful. However, you have a significant advantage if you remember this key fact: The real value of a business is not in the equipment, machinery, or vehicles – it’s in relationships.

Therefore, working with one of our Growth Advisor can help you capitalize on one of your key resources: people.

Paul, an owner of a small manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, realized that although he was making a stable income, he was always in a fragile situation due to constantly changing market demands. Due to unforeseen circumstances in the past few months, Paul’s profit margin had dropped to 12%.

Paul decided to work with one of our Growth Advisors to help stabilize his revenue and decrease the stress of a volatile economy. With the help of one of our Growth Advisors, Paul was able to leverage other people’s resources and relationships by forming a partnership with another local manufacturer that was struggling to keep their doors open. 

Paul’s Growth Advisor recommended that he propose a joint venture to this neighboring competitor. Paul was advised that as his competitor struggled to survive, they would be more open to strategically align if it was mutually beneficial.

Paul was in a stable position financially but wanted more security to future-proof his plant. Upon evaluating his competitors needs, Paul successfully entered a joint venture where he provided his partner with much-needed cash in exchange for an extensive customer list of 1500+ consumers. 

Paul’s Growth Advisor advised him on how to leverage an unstable economy in his marketing copy which he sent out to his new customer list, which resulted in 44% more sales than he made in the previous year of his business. The combined benefit of reaching new people and implementing a strategic marketing plan increased Paul’s profit by 26% over 6 months.

Paul realized that people were the key asset to sustaining his manufacturing business long-term. He is now able to benefit from new customers, which he obtained from building his peer network and through multiple joint venture relationships.

If you are a manufacturer, you can increase your bottom line by strategically aligning with other companies or even with your competition! In the world of joint ventures, there are unlimited opportunities to boost sales and profits with little upfront capital.

Your company can be just one joint venture away to explode your sales and profits. By strategically aligning with one, ten or even 50 companies will provide you with an unlimited opportunity to generate more leads in a short period of time.

You can access our FREE Profit Growth Matrix below to see how you can increase the amount of leads and boost your conversions by leveraging on multiple implied endorsements from your joint venture partners.


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