The Power of Implementing a Multi-Channel Marketing System

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The Power Of Implementing a Multi-Channel Marketing System

It’s so important to implement a multi-channel marketing system when trying to create effective b2b marketing strategies for your company in order to increase sales.

According to Lead Forensics, 95% of business owners already know the importance of a multi-channel marketing approach, but only 14% of organizations believe they’ve successfully implemented one.

The more you do to actively boost your marketing the better. By diversifying your marketing, leads to stability.

By implementing a multi-channel marketing system in your business you utilize a selection of direct and indirect marketing communications in hopes to ignite interest in your brand and what your brand offers.

There are several channels available online and offline which allows diversity to target your perfect buyers.

Let’s say you only have one marketing strategy, which is pulling in $10,000.00 a month.  It can be tempting to not do anything else.

This is a mistake and this makes you very vulnerable since you are putting all your eggs in one basket.

If, for some reason, that strategy starts only pulling in half as much, only $5,000 a month, you’re in trouble.

But on the other hand, if you have 10 different strategies to get new clients each month, that’s better than 1. The more reliable systems you have bringing in a steady flow of new clients, the more stable you will be to generate sales.

Even if you have 10 different strategies bringing in $10,000.00 a month and one stops working, your company will still be fine.

This is why it is so critical to implement a multi-channel strategy as 72% of consumers say they prefer to connect with brands through multiple channels before purchasing.

There are 5 advantages you can capitalize by implementing a multi-channel strategy:

1. Brand Awareness beyond initial interest

The more your brand is “out there”, the more likely people are to find you and remember you when they see you again. This keeps your brand in a top of mind position.

2. Allows you to put the prospect first without any hassle – A multi-channel approach means that you’re always catching the prospect at the best moment and in the best way.

3. Allows you to reach more people –Multi-channel approaches allow you to broaden your reach to more people, often with little to no extra cost.

4. It’s speedy – On average a lead interacts with your company 7- 15 times before they feel ready to speak to a sales rep. This is sped up enormously by a multi-channel approach- as you start to appear everywhere they look, and before they know it- you’re the only brand they have in mind!

5. Gives you a grip on earned media – Every company can control their paid media such as Pay Per Click advertising or direct mail, and their owned media such as their social media accounts or website, which combine to make earned media. Customer reviews, word of mouth and social media engagement all lie out of your control- you have to earn them, and they can be the most powerful form of marketing.

By employing a multi-channel approach, you’ll have a better grasp on your earned media and how you can mold it in the way you want.

As you can see, there are several benefits of implementing a multi-channel marketing system but the most important is a consistent flow of leads and more opportunities to generate more sales.

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