Our Growth Advisory Team

Our Leadership Team

Stephen Gill


Stephen has over 15 years of business and marketing experience and has successfully helped companies globally improve their profits by optimizing hidden growth assets.


Lindsay Gill


Lindsay has over 15 years of marketing experience and helps business owners to optimize hidden assets in their business to attract more customers and increase profits.

Kim Speed

Kim has 15+ years of branding experience and has successfully helped with Fortune 500 clients such as Coca-Cola, TD Bank, Ford and Molson Coors.

Robert Angst

Robert Angst holds a Lean Six-Sigma Master Black Belt and helped his clients and Rolls-Royce Germany implement better lean processes to enhance revenues.

Jason Rosado

Jason has over 15+ years of business experience and helps business owners see 50%-1200% business growth through better productivity and higher profits!

Natasha Mitchell

Natasha successfully consulted IBM, PwC, KMPG and now helps companies optimize current processes in order to scale and achieve financial freedom.

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