Natasha Mitchell

Business Consultant

Natasha successfully consulted IBM, PwC, KMPG and now helps companies optimize current processes in order to scale and achieve financial freedom.

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About Natasha

Natasha is passionate about helping creative business owners keep business simple so they can scale with ease, without losing their freedom or their sanity. 

She has over 20 years of international consulting experience working with global corporations on multi-million-dollar technology transformations in a wide range of industries from finance, telecommunications, government, healthcare and utilities.  She has successfully built and run her own consulting business and now focusses on small business and solopreneurs ready to take their business to 6 figures and beyond.  She is also an International Best Selling Author 

She specializes in prioritizing and optimizing business operations that allow business owners to get organized, focussed, operate more efficiently, leverage resources effectively and step out of the day-to-day operations and become the leader of their business. 

Her proprietary S.I.M.P.L.E Business Method provides a flexible structure across 3 key areas that simplify business and support scale and growth:

1.     Self

2.     Business Operations

3.     Team

Her system allows business owners to create and implement a custom plan that combines strategies for business optimization, leadership, time management, marketing and business development, process creation, automation, delegation and organizational structure, relevant to the stage of business the client is at.


How Natasha Has Helped Companies Grow

  • Developed the strategic plan for a physical product intention card creator. The business has grown to over 6 figure revenue annually through product sales and has lead to creation of additional product sets, authoring a book and various speaking and retreat opportunities.
  • Optimized processes, business and team structure for a 7 figure wedding planner, allowing her to step out of the day to day operations, take a 6 month maternity leave and focus her energy on developing a highly profitable service offering now generating over 100k per year and expanding over North America
  • Developed a repeatable online sales funnel structure for an online art store resulting in 2 x 20K launches in less than 6 months
  • Developed a marketing membership site, sales funnel, marketing plan to fill the membership. Currently generating over $600 per month and has been the source for 2 high ticket online retreats resulting in over 20K in revenue for a meditation and retreat host
  • Optimized the team structure and engagement strategy for a 7 figure wedding photographer, allowing her to run the business remotely, increase pricing and reduce her own engagement workload by 50%
  • Developed online sales funnels, including lead magnets, landing pages, email sequences and supporting social media for clients in a range of industries from meditation, wedding consulting, photography, café/retail that are allowing the business to continue operating profitably in the midst of pandemic restrictions on live service offerings.



Industry Experience

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Wedding and Event Planning
  • Photography/Videography
  • Retail
  • Holistic/Meditation/Spiritual


  • Business Model Design
  • Business Optimization
  • Automation and Technology
  • Process Improvement
  • Organization and Team Structure
  • Product Creation and Pricing
  • Online Course Creation
  • Sales Funnel Creation, Marketing and Tools

Past Work Experience

  • Founder of Inspire and Drive
  • Founder of 5 New Friends
  • Change Management and Training Consultant IBM, PwC, KMPG


  • Murdoch University Bachelor of Commerce



  • Working with Natasha helped me immensely. Not only was she instrumental in helping me gain invaluable strategic clarity but, she also inspired me to see and explore how this strategy could bring me further than I initially thought possible. She challenged and inspired me every step of the way. She has been integral to my success.


    Adrienne Enns

    Chief Joy Curator, May You Know Joy
  • When I started as an entrepreneur freedom appealed to me.   Somewhere along the line my commitment to work trumped my commitment to freedom. Natasha guided me on how to build a very sustainable model with a minimal workload, by leveraging the skills of my amazing team, managing my time and most importantly setting boundaries.  I’ve now got more family time and me time and achieved a huge dream to live in Australia with my family for 5 months.


    Lynzie Kent

    Founder, Love By Lynzie
  • My business was busy and thriving, yet I felt disorganized and constantly playing catch up and I was taking on too much work on my own. Natasha helped me understand my business and showed me more efficient ways to run things and how to develop a team.  She’s like a  “business therapist” digging deep to understand my stumbling blocks and how to overcome them so I could step back from the day to day and get back to being creative and doing the work that I love.


    Katherine Keene

    Videographer, Wild and Free Films
  • My company was at a pivotal moment of growth. Starting out as just me and one other staff member, we had suddenly grown to a team of six and I was running my business remotely. I needed to regain control over my business, and I needed a strong mentor to help me do that.  Natasha helped me put structure in place and formalize my processes which helped me and my staff.  Natasha’s ‘no BS’ attitude was the perfect foil to my conflict-averse personality and she helped me realize that being a strong leader included being brave enough to have hard conversations.


    Tara McMullen

    Photographer, Tara McMullen Photography