How Real Estate Agents Can Easily Gain 12 More Referrals In 90 Days

Today realtors are threatened by the ever-reaching technology of Zillow, Redfin and similar companies. With ease of technology and information online, homeowners are becoming more empowered to handle the process on their own with sites such as

These historically supplementary web applications are broadening their scope into the iBuying industry, effectively cutting out the middleman.

The bad news is that you’re the middleman. But the good news is that technology cannot overcome the power of a strong network. The value of a realtor is to capitalize on skills and tools that the seller lacks to close the deal. However, many realtors have lost sight of their value in wake of the changing demands of the market.

You have heard of the cliché: Your network is your net worth. Well, nothing could be truer in the real estate industry. Many realtors pride themselves on their many contacts from peers, vendors, clients, and community members but don’t properly utilize their connections to grow their business on a consistent basis.

Cold calls shouldn’t happen twice with the same person. It is necessary that you cultivate relationships, especially with your clients (new and old). Think of every client as a direct link to referrals which is equivalent to cashflow.

Clients can smell inauthenticity, so it’s important to be careful with the way you approach prospecting. At the same time, it can be difficult to manage potentially hundreds of different contacts so each one must be properly nurtured before, during, and yes- even (long) after the sale.

Real estate is often overlooked from a marketing perspective because there isn’t always a product to sell, but people are always looking for places to stay. Following a personalized ‘funnel’ will drastically increase your ratings and referrals due to your consistency and dedication to quality service.

Julian is a real estate agent who has benefited from working with one of our trusted Growth Advisors to significantly increase his sales revenue by 32%. Julian was able to double his revenue based on an automation strategy developed by his assigned growth advisor to nurture his clients through every stage of the buying process.

This automation strategy was an easy way to manage his contacts and ‘keep them warm’ with less stress. He also followed his Advisor’s suggestion to use social media to make his community more interactive. Simply creating a Facebook group where you post valuable content once a week and encourage socialization among members can produce positive buzz for your brand.

Julian immediately implemented his Growth Advisor’s marketing strategies and increased his database engagement by 32% which resulted in generating more leads for this business. As a result, Julian received 12 new referrals within a 3-month period. Julian was thrilled that he was able to achieve these results by tapping into his already established network– no awkward encounters necessary!

If you are involved in the real estate business, you may be missing out on the immense value your network can provide.

Do not be disturbed by emerging technology: use it to your advantage! Discover the power of our tested automation strategies that will increase your profits with your biggest untapped resource: people. Schedule a call with one of our Growth Advisors today!

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