From Unknown To The Most Popular Restaurant in Their City – How Restaurant Owners Can Quickly Increase Repeat Visits And Boost Referrals

Have you ever been to Chick-Fil-A? Chick-Fil-A is one of the most sensational customer experiences in America even though it’s a fast food restaurant.

You may be wondering… why is Chick-fil-A so successful?

The food is decent for the price point they make it clear who they value: their customers.

Chick-fil-A makes it clear that they want you there from the time you arrive to even after you receive your order. Their staff are genuinely… cheerful.

Even in the drive-thru, the employees will walk out to greet you in a long line with a genuine smile and “how are you?”

When you pick up your order at the window, they remember your name and send you off with as many sauce packets as you desire.

The biggest lesson is that customer service is key especially when you are in the restaurant industry.

These techniques can be easily adapted into a restaurant setting. In fact, they would shine in a dine-in setting where customers are more willing to appreciate a relaxed dining experience.

Alfredo and Martha grew their restaurant substantially after working with a Growth Advisor, who helped them realize changes that they could make without expanding their ad budget.

One of the key changes they made was training their waiters to give the ‘owner experience.’ The special feeling a customer gets when the owner of a restaurant comes out to greet them personally, asks about their food, and strikes up a conversation are the small moments that breed goodwill, and “magically” makes the food taste better.

That special feeling also empowers your staff to take ownership of the place and exude real joy and genuine service that trickles down to the mood of your establishment. By personalizing the experience with each guest and giving them value added bonuses made a significant impact to their bottom line.

Some other techniques Alfredo and Martha implemented were offering special promotions that embedded referral into the process, such as ‘Bring a friend to enjoy all you can eat for the price of an entree!’

By trading referrals and a fun experience for the discounts and promotions that they were already offered by coupons and local ads, the couple was able to reduce their marketing budget by 15%.

Based on the suggestions from their Growth Advisor, Alfredo and Martha increased their profits by 12% and saved a total of $1500 per month on their marketing efforts!

Another advantage was the frequency return visitors increased, who lived or worked around the area. They were excited to ‘discover’ a local restaurant that treated them kindly and were so happy to orchestrate referrals!

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