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The Ultimate Secret For Growth In Sales

There is one ultimate marketing strategy referred to as the Dream 100 that once implemented properly you will instantly see a growth in sales.

If you are unfamiliar with the dream 100 concept, it was first introduced by Chet Holmes in his book, The Ultimate Sales Machine. In it, he describes how he was able to double the ad sales of a magazine three years in a row using a technique he called the “Dream 100 Effort.”

When targeting your dream 100 ideal clients it is about identifying those external sources such as competitors, complementary businesses, associations, and groups that are currently attracting the type of customers you are also trying to attract.

It is about strategically using your limited resources to advertise to those groups of customers or group members of others that you would also like to turn into your customers, instead of advertising to just the general marketplace.

In a matter of speaking you get to utilize the resources of your competitors, complementary companies, associations, groups etc., to help you target those prospective customers with a higher probability of buying from you because of their past actions, influencers they follow, and groups they belong to.

As mentioned, you can not only use it to target your ideal customers but this can also be used to identify media outlets and influencers who can give exposure to your brand, or even help you find affiliates who will sell your products and services for you. The possibilities are endless!

Here are 4 simple steps you can implement right now to get your dream 100.

Step 1 – Identify what other products and services your ideal customer avatar would purchase.

Step 2 – Find companies or individuals who offer complementary products that are not directly competing with what you offer.

Step 3 – Choose your Dream 100 alliance partners who would most likely serve your ideal clients and are non-competing to your product/service.

There are two categories of Dream 100 alliance partners:

1. Influencers are individuals who have already build up an audience of their own such as:

·       Bloggers

·       Social media personalities

·       Business owners/list owners

·       Podcasters

·       Online celebrities (i.e. Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Gary Vaynerchuck)

2. Platforms that are already established such as professional associations, magazines, or existing social media groups such as LinkedIn or Facebook that you can leverage to get in front of your ideal customers)

Step 4 – Use Targeted Advertising & Leveraging Platforms to Generate New Business

For instance, a simple Facebook Hack would be that when you decide to invest in Facebook Ads, you should target an audience that has already been built by someone else.

For instance, if we wanted to “partner” with Tony Robbins, your Facebook specialist can run ads that only target Tony Robbins’ audience (people who follow Tony Robbins).

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