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3 Simple Ways All Your Employees Can Generate Sales Consistently

Successful companies realize that employees are their most important asset. Customers might be the reason the lights stay on, but those customers wouldn’t exist without the hard work and dedication put forth by your employees.

As the CEO of your company, you aim to treat each employee as your best customer. Just as you value your customers’ satisfaction, loyalty and referrals, you should value the same in your employee relationships.

The secret is that when you invest in your employees, then they will invest in your company’s growth.

Here are 3 eye-opening stats about the employee experience from the Harvard Business Review:

1.       $11 Billion is lost annually due to employee turnover.

2.       Organizations that invest in having a great employee experience have more than 4 times the average profit.

3.       Companies with engaged employees pull in 2.5x more revenues compared to their competitors with low engagement levels.

When you train your employees with care, treat them well, and listen to what they have to say, they’ll become loyal and fight for your shared goal until the end.

Also, once you educate your employees why you deliver such a great service, you’ll be surprised at the rewards. Once your staff believes in your vision and what your company stands for – you would have built a powerful sales force.

Here are 3 simple ways each employee will help generate sales:

1. Your employees will start upselling a lot more. If you educate each employee outside of your sales team why a customer would buy from your company, then it will be easy for them to help sell to potential customers.

 2. Your employees can be a wealth of referrals. If they don’t think your company is

exceptional, they won’t refer you to anyone. But if you’ve taught them why and they truly believe it, they will tell lots and lots of people.

3. An educated employee is much better suited to help or answer questions from a client.

Clients get annoyed when employees don’t know anything. Educate all your employees regularly. Get them excited about working for your wonderful company. Education and motivation are the keys to super great employees.

One of Richard Branson’s popular quotes is, Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

Your employees are your number one asset and taking care of them to make sure they’re happy, engaged and effective requires implementing strategies that have already worked well in areas like customer experience.

When you consistently take care of your employees, they will consistently generate more sales for your company.

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