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Why Truly Understanding Your Customer Is The Key To Successful Lead Generation

There are too many business owners that fail in successful lead generation simply because they did not take the time to truly understand the needs and wants of their specific target audience.

To facilitate a deeper understanding of your customer, you need to know your Customer Avatar.

An avatar is a person who embodies your ideal audience. This is who you are creating your business, your content, your services and your products for. You are going to help solve the pain points and fill the informational void they are currently experiencing.

It’s impossible to grow your business if you don’t know who you’re truly doing your business for.

You also need to find a picture of your ideal avatar as this will help you when you need to “talk” to that person in all your marketing communications.

It is so important to be very specific in defining your customer avatar.

For example, here is a good start to an avatar:

“My avatar is 30-40 years of age, works a full-time 9-5 job, has a family with 2 kids and finds themselves frustrated and feeling alone every day because they don’t know where to find the knowledge that I’m going to provide them about X.”

Here is another example of a great customer avatar:

“My avatar is 32. Her name is Cindy, and she has an online business with 2 employees. She’s been looking to grow her business for months now, but she doesn’t know what the next step is. She’s passionate about helping others, but she could really use some help on how to grow her business online and sell her expertise to a global market- plus, she needs help with leveraging her marketing efforts. Her small business is her sole source of income but wants to start scaling her business and hire more staff so she can start to travel the world more often.”

Defining your customer avatar is so important because it helps you to enter the mind of the person who is coming to you for help. When you have a deep emotional awareness of who they are, you can better adjust all aspects of your entire business – to appeal to your avatar’s deep-rooted emotional wants.

By really understanding your avatar and knowing what their worries and fears are you quickly gain their attention as all your marketing communications will speak directly to them.

You need to remember that your customer avatar can’t wait to learn more about how you can help them, because what you are going to provide them is going to help solve the pain points and fill the informational void they are currently experiencing.

Know them. Define them. Only then you can quickly gain their attention, interest, desire and compel them to take action which is where the money follows.

You need to ask yourself the following top 13 questions to define your customer avatar:

1. Are my customers male or female or both?

2. How old are my customers?

3. What is their income level?

4. What is their education level?

5. What are my customer’s interests?

6. What are my customer’s fears/concerns/worries?

7. What is my customer’s current situation?

8. What do my customers need help with?

9. What are their likes and dislikes?

10. What are their values and beliefs?

11.  Where do they get their information?

12. What groups do they belong to?

13.  How do they prefer to communicate?

By answering these 13 questions will bring clarity on who truly is your ideal customer avatar. It’s so important to take the time and do this exercise so all your marketing communications are spoken directly to your ideal prospect. This way you can show them what you have to offer that will provide a solution.

Additionally, success is much faster and more of a sure thing wherever there’s the likelihood of a strong desire for the benefits and advantages of your product or service offers.

Don’t try to create a desire for your product, find where that desire and demand already exists, then offer your superior solution in the most appealing way!

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