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There is one secret strategy that you can do right now that guarantees growth in sales that 99% of your competitors are clueless about.

This secret trick will supercharge your business and instantly differentiates your company from you’re your competitors.

By creating a USP which stands for Unique Selling Proposition will communicate what is different about your company and how you stand out.

Your USP must offer your customers a specific unique benefit that solves a major pain point.

To start thinking of what your unique selling proposition should be, you need to ask yourself these 2 questions:

1. Why do people do business with you now?

2. If they are not doing business with you now, why should they?

When creating your USP you have to think about your customer’s basic needs and how these needs may change in the future. If you think to nearsighted, you may fail to see what’s coming until it’s too late.

New markets, new customers and new ways of doing things must be found so your business will operate profitably in the future.

Here are some powerful USPs from other companies are:

1. Domino’s Pizza – fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes or it’s FREE

2. Federal Express – overnight delivery

3. Rolex – watches that winners wear

It’s not difficult to create a USP and there are 3 important aspects of creating a powerful USP:

1. Ultimate Advantage

2. Sensational Offer

3. Powerful Promise

Now let’s break down these 3 parts in a more detail:

When thinking of our ultimate advantage you must give your customer at least one major advantage or benefit that separates you from your competition.

When crafting a sensation offer you need to understand that everyone likes a deal, bargain or discount. You need to figure out a way to offer special bonuses that go along with your main product to make it look like an unbeatable deal. The goal is to reward your customers for taking action.

An instant way to gain trust is to offer a clear, no questions asked guarantee. When you offer a guarantee to a powerful promise you have taken the risk factor away from your customers.

When you are coming up with a powerful promise you will need to think BIG, take a risk and come up with something outrageous.

Can you offer a double or even triple money-back guarantee?

For example for a weight loss product/service – How much weight and how quickly could a customer lose without dramatically changing their current lifestyle?

When people can’t distinguish you from your competition, they have no reason to prefer you.

Your goal in business is to have people prefer your product, to choose you over everyone else offering the same or a similar thing.

Only when you discover your ultimate advantage, create an irresistible sensational offer and back it up with a powerful promise, You would have done more for your business than 99 percent of all other businesses.

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